The Augure tool helps you organise and track all kinds of press event from start to finish – whether it’s a conference, press tour, exhibition, factory or site visit, workshop, press gala, product launch, showroom, etc.

It combines tasks such as guest list management, handling RSVPs, creation of journalist badges and accreditations, budget tracking, real-time registration for guests, analytics and so on.
This means that every event created and managed using the platform can be tracked from start to finish, then analysed via Augure.

Bring the right journalists on board with a successful invitation

When you have chosen the journalists you would like to invite to the event, it’s really easy to create the guest list using your contact database or other important source.

An invitation that stands out and attracts attendees is crucial in motivating in-demand journalists to attend your press event (and interest in the meeting and opportunities for the journalists, which are of course essential to the success of any event).

That’s why the Augure tool helps you to generate quality invitations created straight from our software or insert visuals produced by a graphic designer.

If you have a recurring event and want to retain the same design vocabulary, you can create a pre-designed template. Templates generated in Augure allow you to produce the next set of invitations rapidly, changing just a few details (date, programme, location, etc.).

Our invitation creation tool is simple, effective and intuitive. It helps you to produce a clean, coherent and professional layout – without enlisting the help of a graphic designer.
The layout can be easily adapted to suit the type of document (number of visuals in the invitation, graphic only) and ensure readability.

If you wish, you can also use our tool to customise the invitation for a more personalised approach when you send it.

Augure then lets you send your invitations with ease, making sure each one reaches its destination. To track each invitation and the prospective guest’s reply, Augure offers effective real-time tracking, showing when emails have been opened and actioned. This real-time feature is particularly useful for following up attendees who have not yet replied.

Manage RSVPs, accreditations and guest registration

The invitation can include various options and information, usually linked to the RSVP form.
If the invitation is not accepted, it might be a good idea to find out whether the journalist would like the press pack or an interview with an event attendee on a different occasion instead.

If the journalist confirms their attendance, it might be useful to find out additional requests in advance; for instance, would they like an additional interview/take part in a junket? Do they need specific equipment? Do they plan to stay for the drinks reception? Would they like to book a place on an on-site test? Which roundtable do they plan to attend? Do they need a parking space?…

Augure allows you to produce badges and accreditations based on the information you receive in the reply.

A QR code helps with event registration on the day and effective follow-up on your interaction: thank-you emails to attendees, photos, videos, etc.

Event coordination, budgeting and analytics made easy

Augure also facilitates collaborative organisation and budget tracking for events. Augure provides concrete support by allowing each stakeholder to update and view progress of each stage of the event through their own task tracking and global insights.

Augure offers a more fluid, step-by-step approach to preparation and follow-up management, using simple and effective collaborative tools to give peace of mind. Augure helps to improve coordination between internal teams and external service suppliers of which there may be many: venues, catering, entertainment, music, serving staff, lighting, decoration, transport, audiovisual production, travel booking, accommodation, the list goes on.

Budgeting is also a complex issue that is crucial to any event. Augure allows the user to track budget development in real time, both in terms of limits, without being overwhelmed by unexpected expenses, and the payment terms to be honoured on time.
This kind of software enables improved organisation of expenses and helps the user avoid nasty financial surprises that may have a harmful impact on the event and its organiser.

Finally, Augure includes an effective reporting solution in its software to analyse the event, its ROI and potential areas for improvement. This overview is produced using specific indicators defined according to each client’s targets and areas of focus.