Product loans to the press and/or influencers always involve a number of factors that must be taken into account in order to work as effectively as possible. It is necessary to know, for example, who is borrowing which model, for what period, the condition of the product, if another item is available in the same category, if maintenance needs to be planned, etc.

Augure has developed an online tool that enables efficient management of all loans, whether a car or other products.

Organise car fleet loans (including press fleet)

Our software solution supports all companies with efficient organisation of loans of multiple products, to the press in particular.

This process may involve the management of a fleet of cars, for example. Due to the often large number of models of car available, with various references and multiple indicators to take into account, loan arrangement is a task that calls for effective logistical support.

Augure’s software solution helps to manage all vehicle fleets, either internally within a company (employee cars, ad-hoc loans, etc.), or for use by VIPs or journalists.
As a car manufacturer (or an office working for this type of client), you are likely to be required to lend your cars to journalists. In order to communicate in the media, the journalist must test the car before talking about it (particularly in the case of car tests with editorial opinions).

This will involve as a minimum your latest model, about which you communicate largely at the time of its launch. It will therefore be in your interest to have several cars of this type available for testing by several journalists simultaneously, in order to optimise your press coverage and avoid frustration in the media.
These loan requests will also involve other vehicles launched less recently that journalists will need for comparison.

Solution adapted for loans of all product types

Journalists or influencers will generally want to test the products you are communicating about and report back in the media. This is more or less feasible depending on the type of product (short term, long-term installation, cost), but it will be the practice for many products that allow it.

If the product is not intended to be returned by the journalist, it will be treated as a press dispatch with no loan management involved.
Augure enables monitoring of all types of simple (given) or recurring dispatch to journalists. Even for products that are given, with no returns to manage, it is essential to keep track of the history of these dispatches in the relationship between a brand and journalists/the media. This type of action is an element of press relations work and allows measurement of the impact and ROI of the dispatch of these products, in terms of the press coverage generated.

Here we would like to focus on the support provided by Augure in the specific management of repeated loans of the same product, in view of the more complex organisation required.

The numerous product categories that may need to be loaned to journalists include: leisure and mobility (bicycles, scooters, rowing machines, sporting equipment), high tech (telephones, TVs, computers, GPS, headsets, gaming, smart watches, digital cameras, projectors), childcare (pushchairs, car seats, baby baskets), household electrical appliances/home equipment (vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, purifiers, food processors, lawnmowers, jigsaws, chainsaws), etc.

A press service may also be required to manage a number of product loans simultaneously, with a wide range of varying press requirements (duration, usage, specific details). This makes it highly practical, if not essential depending on the volumes involved, to use an adapted software solution such as ours.