Augure offers a complete tool to support your institutional communications: from rapid identification of your targets with highly practical mapping, to organisation and tracking of your relationships with elected officials and other institutional contacts, and a scalable analysis of these.

Augure helps you gain a better knowledge of local, regional and national networks when it comes to topics addressed and stakeholders approached.

Identify institutional contacts and create lists

It’s essential to have a good database of contacts created through information supplied by commercial providers and/or your own records. Augure uses this to generate contact records rich in information, including position/role, institution, start of collaboration and contact reports.

Using this categorised data, Augure allows the right list to be created based on criteria such as administrative category, jurisdiction, position and population size.

A geographical approach is very important (including jurisdiction of stakeholders), which is why Augure has developed a practical and popular mapping tool.

The Augure tool is collaborative, allowing information to be shared, work to be simplified and coherent positions to be maintained.

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Create and manage correspondence

Augure facilitates dispatch of messages to your contacts through a simple and intuitive editor that includes functionality tailored to institutional relations. For example, the software manages titles, forms of address and protocols in order that each contact is addressed appropriately.

The software ensures good message deliverability with real-time tracking (opens, clicks downloads, etc.)

Augure also lets you organise and track a whole event, from start to finish (parties, openings, official visits, etc.), including management of the guest list, replies, creation of badges/accreditations, monitoring of the budget and analysis.

Augure also ensures your data is properly secured, even when exchanging sensitive information, and that mandatory statements (GDPR) are provided.

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Organise, track and optimise relationships with elected officials

Augure allows simple and effective organisation of discussions and meetings, from scheduling to follow-up.

Augure helps you to prepare for meetings by bringing all the necessary information together in one record, and not only practical information (who/where/when, etc.) but everything you need to know about the contact and the history of the relationship (biography, roles, etiquette, previous meetings, subjects discussed, etc.)

Meeting reports are made easier with the incorporation of information such as minutes, subjects discussed, tone of the meeting, state of the relationship and associated costs. Augure also allows you to flag any sensitive points and note any follow-up actions required. Lastly, the tool includes fields for declarations of interests.

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Analyse and summarise relationships with institutional audiences

Through various relevant indicators, Augure allows users to easily analyse work on institutional relations and its results.

Key indicators include the number of elected officials met, subjects discussed, subjects not discussed, level of proximity to elected officials, identification of allies/opponents, state of the relationship, most active colleagues/departments, geographical breakdown of meetings, etc.

By consolidating all public affairs activities and results in a single piece of software, Augure offers better analysis capacity and significant time saving.

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Augure combines industry experience with tailored support

In order to offer the right features and services for management of institutional relations, Augure draws on the industry experience of its consultants and conversations with its clients, who are a constant source of improvement.

In order to go the extra mile in delivering a quality experience, we have even created a User Club for public affairs.

Augure gives you a tailor-made tool customised to meet all your needs, along with support from start to finish, at any time (24/7 with evening and weekend on-call support).

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