Augure comprises a group of experts driven by a genuine willingness to meet every client need with a technological response. This willingness to take up the challenge is inherent in Augure’s DNA, and the company intends to tap into this to develop solutions tailored to each client. These experts are responsive and adaptable, and all are highly skilled in their field. They work together to provide the best in client relationship management software.

A team of responsive and attentive professionals and technical experts

Augure has a team of about 30 employees in France and Spain. We also work in close collaboration with the experts at Argus Data Insights, based in Switzerland.

Together we can tap into a range of expertise, which enables us to combine technical skills with our professional approach.

Most notably, Augure has an in-house development team, so it is always very effective in technical terms and at the cutting edge of technology.

We have 15 experts in our R&D team, with four dedicated employees in our support team. Augure relies on seven consultants for their expertise and support, all of whom have plenty of professional experience, including in public affairs and PR, which gives them an astute understanding of your issues and allows them to offer you a solution genuinely adapted to the realities of your job.

Our leitmotif: we all work together to support each client with a tailored solution

We believe genuine client needs are important and we are all passionate about the value of a tailored approach.

As such, we work for each client in teams. We start by gaining an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs, we translate this into a technical solution, then we follow up with any requests based on their needs.

True to our DNA and the way we have always run our business, we respond to our clients with all the seriousness and adaptability for which we are known.

We are a highly responsive and focused team, and we are always very happy to fully satisfy our clients. So we have developed this approach of authentic closeness combined with lots of technique.

Augure has set up evening and weekend on-call technical and support teams, so that we can genuinely offer support all the time, no matter when you need us. This way, there is no risk of you not receiving a response or a technical issue going unresolved. You have peace of mind with us, even in an emergency in the middle of the night.

‘I quite simply believe that this cocktail combining passion for technology with the importance of the human element and people’s needs is a good reflection of the nature of my entire team. I love it. It creates great strength and cohesion.’ [Quote from Laurence]

Who are we?

Laurence BACKE
Managing Director France & Spain

VP Engineering – Research & Development


Caroline DACHE
Product Owner


Specific Developments Manager


Customer Success Team Leader France


Country Manager Spain

Sales Manager Spain

Sales & Administrative Manager France & Spain