2002: the start of 20 years of expertise in PR and institutional software

Created in 2002, Augure is a long-standing player that offers software tailored to public and institutional relations. This software editor quickly made a name for itself in its sector, along with a reputation for high quality that we work hard to protect.

Augure has always made the needs of its clients the focus of its operations, as it is widely renowned for its software editor designed to manage public relations and public affairs.
Its technological solutions are always very well worked and play a large role in the company’s success.

2015: joining forces to create the Launchmetrics Group

In 2015, Augure and Fashion GPS merged to create the Launchmetrics Group. Their respective synergy and power resulted in a strong alliance that has been in place for several years now.
Over the years, Launchmetrics has tended to focus more on its primary field (fashion, beauty, luxury), in which it excels, whereas Augure has built up good relations with clients in other sectors that prefer different skills and approaches.
Back in 2015, Augure was working with more than 500 clients and doing all it could to keep them happy, but it wanted to take this a step further. More resources would mean the company would be able to market its solution more heavily and develop at a faster pace, particularly on the European market.
As a result, the idea of dividing its portfolio and the prospect of a new era was on the cards for Augure with the offer of a new investor.

2020: new momentum and attractive prospects with Argus Data Insights

July 2020 marked a genuine turning point in Augure’s future, when it was purchased by Swiss company Nomor Riedless Beteiligungen AG, which brought Augure and Argus Data Insights – a leading provider of media intelligence solutions in the DACH region (Germany-Austria-Switzerland) – under the same umbrella.

Augure, which has always retained its expertise and the satisfaction of its clients, can now benefit from new momentum in its development, while also retaining its DNA and values. With this group, which already has complementary operations in Switzerland and Germany, Augure plans to enter a new era with the resources it needs to achieve its ambitions.
This purchase enables Augure to further strengthen its position in France and Spain, including acceleration of development of its software solutions and their commercialisation. In addition, the interesting and robust product synergies enable more solutions to be offered tailored to the two companies’ clients.

This agreement also marks a new opportunity for Augure’s geographic expansion, as Argus Data Insights is very well established in the DACH region, while Augure operates mainly in France and Spain. So, with support from Argus Data Insights, Augure will gradually expand its operations in these strategic European markets, starting with its new partner’s geographic zone: the DACH region.

During the acquisition, Bernd Pfister, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Nomor Riedless Beteiligungen AG and President of the Board of Directors at Argus Data Insights Holding AG, was filled with enthusiasm: ‘We are delighted by the acquisition of Augure, a long-standing player in technology in the world of PR and institutional relations in France and Spain. This company is already renowned for the quality of its software throughout its region and offers attractive prospects for development.’