With our software and in-house development team, we offer powerful and effective software solutions for PR, public affairs, vehicle hire and other uses.
As a result of our agile client-centric approach, we are constantly adapting in order to supply each client with a tailored technological solution. What is more, we can now act with even more speed and power, thanks to the extra resources supplied by Argus Data Insights, a major player in the media intelligence sector of other countries.
As a result, our client profiles are quite varied, as we can adjust our solution to suit a wide range of needs.

An effective and customisable solution that can be adapted to daily needs

Our core business is optimisation of the implementation of authentic CRM to make your routine work tasks easier.
No matter whether you need to integrate data from several sources, via database suppliers or personal files, our software enables you to optimise all the available information and make best use of it.
Depending on the required use, our solution will enable you to refine the way you manage different contacts, as it includes effective monitoring tools for each relationship: invite contacts to meetings, analyse their needs, reactions and the outcomes of various discussions; highlight the follow-ups to organise, the files to monitor, the outcomes of loans or meetings, and so on.

Our software simplifies the logistics of your relations and discussions with all your contacts, while also analysing performance based on your chosen indicators.

Thanks to our tailored approach, the solution matches your usage perfectly and adapts exactly to your needs and way of working. It can also help you to gain in efficiency and speed, as the solution is completely tailored to you, with no useless, unsuitable or incomprehensible functions. And as your needs change, Augure will always be on hand to support you and modify your software to meet your new expectations.

In addition, our synergy with Argus Data Insights – a company that complements us in many ways – enables us to offer our clients a range of new and innovative solutions that enhance our current services.

SaaS and SSO solution for easy integration into your IT tools

Our software is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, which comes with the added benefit of no installation required. This software application is hosted and run outside your IT system and can be easily accessed with an internet connection.

Each user can easily access their space by connecting to their user space.

Data security is extremely important to Augure. As a result, we are very mindful when it comes to the security of our data hosting system.
Our client data is stored in the Vélizy data centre (in the French department of Yvelines) of our web host, which was carefully selected by us. Our web host is compliant with the following standards: ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. We outsource archived databases and application files to our Amazon S3 bucket, located in the Paris region.
A data security audit is conducted at least once a year, prompted by a specific request on behalf of a client or at our own initiative.

Our software features Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality in order to easily interface with your other IT tools and easily connect to your existing IT functions.
Our R&D team has worked on an intelligent SSO solution adapted to our client needs to make everyday IT tasks easier for our users. The purpose of this is to simplify user administration and make it easier for users to access the application.
Users can access Augure via a unique authentication, which they have already created for other applications or websites. As such, our solution can be integrated into an existing workspace.

Our solution can also connect to various external applications and open the application programming interface (API) to coordinate and retrieve other data; for example, by connecting to an external ticketing system. This has proven to be very practical, and in fact indispensable, as we do not have to duplicate or connect tools without an interface.

An agile approach that changes constantly to meet client needs

We own and develop high-performance software that has proven itself, but this goes far beyond that. It is thanks to our expertise and our experience that we are able to create solutions perfectly adapted to client needs. Our approach is moulded to suit the individual client – they are always the focus of our considerations.

We are constantly developing technological improvements in an effort to improve our solutions. This enables us to offer services that are very targeted, fluid and effective.

Our technological developments anticipate or respond to our clients’ various needs. We have regular discussions with them and prospective clients, so that we can work on improvements or complementary software solutions that meet their daily needs and the requirements of their job.
In the field of institutional relations, for example, we receive suggestions from clients via the User Club that we created three years ago.
As part of these discussions and observations, we have developed practical in-depth solutions, such as modules designed to manage vehicles loaned to journalists in PR, or even an intelligent solution for press accreditation in the public domain.
Our solutions are particularly appreciated because they perfectly match their users’ expectations, and their impressive efficiency makes users’ daily operations easier.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are essentially communication/PR agencies, public sector bodies (ministries, authorities, etc.) and large companies in the automotive, lifestyle, media, industry and culture sectors.
Our flexible, tailored approach also enables us to work for other organisations with various portfolios.