In media relations, a high quality, fit-for-purpose journalist database is essential in order to effectively reach the recipients of every message.
It’s not just based on the data available to journalists or the media, but also on good management of this information adapted to your uses, needs and preferences.

That’s why Augure offers a smart, tailored and collaborative solution that goes beyond simple data integration. A fully-fledged CRM solution, this software is the partner on which communications professionals can rely every day.

A smart solution for building and updating media databases

Our tool enables the easy integration of data from different sources, whether from commercial databases (such as Cision/Hors Antenne, Mediadress, Zimpel, etc.) or your own files.

With custom organisation and segmentation of your database, deduplication of contacts and augmentation of profiles (by press officers), the tool is intuitive and easy to use to select contacts and create a mailing list.

Data from external providers is updated every night. Users are alerted of any changes, so they can take these into account in management of their databases. This means that target databases are always up to date, but nasty surprises, such as the automatic addition of an undesirable contact, for example, are avoided.
This visible, case-by-case integration of updates in real time speeds up response times in the event of urgent and unexpected communications: you can be confident that you have a secure and verified database that does not have to be recreated at the last minute.

And with Augure, the number of criteria is unlimited for any new list. This saves precious time and ensures an accurate database. Indeed, sometimes research has to be done by three subjects at a time, for example, which can involve the creation of multiple lists.
Thanks to Augure, this is no longer a problem, making it much quicker to create a mailing list tailored to each message.

A hierarchy tailored to your needs and practices

The Augure tool does much more than simply integrate and manage data. It helps every user to shape the tool in their own image, resulting in a system that matches the needs of its clients, their habits and preferences.

Based on your needs and practices, Augure works meticulously to create a tailor-made hierarchy.
When creating and managing your journalist database, you can adjust the segmentation and nomenclature in order to use the tool more easily and effectively.

The Augure solution is not only a database management tool, it’s YOUR tool, shaped in your image and tailored to your preferences, company and clients.

Powerful tools to create relevant journalist lists

The criteria used for each contact record can be highly refined. This allows different press contacts to be identified based on their characteristics (topics, position, geographic area, etc.) and added to mailing lists. Selection of press contacts is simple, intuitive and precise.

As well as the usual journalistic criteria (specialist subject, city, media outlets), you can also create lists based on indicators associated with the history of the relationship, such as a list of ‘friendly’ journalists who regularly attend press conferences, or a selection of journalists who always open press releases but never mention them in their articles.

As a result, you can create databases that are properly targeted to every client and every communication.
It’s quick and easy to create mailing lists. Your messages are received only by journalists who are potentially interested, which means you do not disturb anyone else, thus protecting your reputation and that of your agency or company.

A collaborative tool for sharing information with colleagues

Every database is shareable and collaborative from the start. This helps prevent the duplication of tasks, such as updating the journalist database, within a team or agency. It is also useful to be able to easily share information gathered from certain journalists or media outlets in order to develop and maintain an accurate contact database.

Changes, new developments or further information can be shared easily with colleagues.

As a result, the whole agency or team benefits from a database that’s always up to date and can be added to by anyone as and when needed.

The Augure tool’s collaborative approach saves time and improves quality by ensuring your journalist database is clean, up to date and detailed.

A database enriched by the history of the journalistic relationship

With Augure, you can track your relationship with every journalist precisely.

Requests for visuals or products, telephone conversations, follow-ups, press releases opened, interviews, articles written: with every interaction with a journalist, the contact record is automatically updated, so you can better follow their actions.
You can also specify their favourite subjects, their likes and dislikes, what they thought about your product, etc.

This makes it easier to create databases of the most engaged or responsive journalists, as well as those who have not been followed up sufficiently and need more work.

A solution fully compliant with GDPR

Compliance with GDPR is a challenge faced by any communication agency or PR department that works with hundreds or thousands of contacts every day.

It is often hard to know if you are compliant with GDPR requirements and, if not, what you need to do to comply, which can obviously be a cause for concern.

Thanks to its dedicated GDPR module, Augure helps its clients comply with the law, giving them peace of mind. Rights to access, correct and withdraw data, disclaimers or explicit requests for consent – everything has been designed to make the work of press officers as easy as possible.