Strong professional expertise reinforced by the User Club

Our unique service can undoubtedly be attributed not only to our technological expertise, but also to our strong professional experience in public relations.

As such, we rely heavily on our professional expertise when it comes to offering functions and services adapted perfectly to the management of institutional relations. Through our clients in this area and their input in terms of their needs, we have perfected our software in order to provide a coherent set of functions for the sector and which can be adapted to the profile of any company, public body/institution, association, federation, etc.

We have developed a mapping system, for example, that often corresponds to the approach adopted in institutional relations involving a specific territory (region/department/municipality).

In order to go even further in the quality of the experience offered, in April 2018 we created a User Club dedicated to public affairs.

The first phase of this club for institutional relations was launched at the beginning of 2018 with the joint creation of a set of specifications. Our regular contact with users helped us to identify areas of improvement and test them on an ongoing basis. The second phase, in 2019, consisted of iterative and incremental development (with pilot users).

Because no one knows your needs better than you, all the functions added to or adapted in our software solution were suggested and approved by our clients.

We were also able to develop highly nuanced solutions, thanks to the different profiles within our User Club, all involved in institutional relations but with their own specific attributes: private companies, public bodies, associations, institutional relations offices, lobbying organisations.

Augure offers a customised software solution adapted perfectly to the reality of your needs, to provide you with effective support in all your institutional relations.

Personalised approach and customised support

True to its DNA, Augure offers a customised and personalised solution that responds perfectly to the needs and habits of each client, each user. Our software solution facilitates the day-to-day management of all work involved in institutional relations, thanks to a range of simple and ergonomic functions adapted to the activity at hand.

Augure endeavours to offer every user a pleasant and convenient client experience, providing customised support that covers the various stages ranging from the initial needs assessment to ultimate implementation.
A dedicated consultant is responsible for all work involving a detailed and human understanding of habits, the current situation, needs and expectations.

Augure supports clients both in transferring existing data and in defining personalised qualification criteria.

Based on these various exchanges, Augure performs the detailed work necessary to design a structure customised to meet client needs. From the creation and management of the CRM, it is possible to adjust sections and naming to ensure convenient and efficient use of the database.

A customised training and implementation plan is established based on the real and specific needs of users, and this personalised approach can be felt as soon as the software is opened. When a user connects with their login and password, they are taken directly to their own personalised dashboard.
Here they will find, for example, an overview of their main contacts, their main lists and reference lists (mapping of their territory), their latest activities and their pending tasks (e.g. meeting summary). Depending on the configuration, users can also gain rapid access to other, more global information, such as the latest activities carried out within their department/region.

The assistance provided by Augure does not stop there, as a support team is available 24/7. We know how important it is to be at your side at all times, to ensure that you have the right information in real time and can react whenever possible or necessary. We have also put in place an on-call service for evenings and weekends.