Identify the target audience accurately

The first stage of an event is to identify its nature, its reason for being and the target group. First, it is vital to distinguish between the two main categories of target audience: professional and the general public.

Within these two large groups of people, the guest profiles can be extremely varied. Professional events can, for example, be uniquely internal events held within a company (evening reception, convention), involving employees only or a specific group (management seminar). The audience can also be more hybrid in nature: internal, but not exclusively, at a professional evening reception to which clients or partners are also invited.
Finally, they can also involve a professional external audience that is potentially much larger: exhibition opening, thematic conference, congress, press conference, professional trade show, etc.

Events with the general public also involve significant diversity, if only in terms of their nature, size and attendance. The approach will be completely different if it is, for example, a sporting event, a consumer show, a festival, an exhibition, a festive gathering, an inauguration, etc.

In addition, target audiences vary greatly in composition, from young adults, elderly people and families to single people, students and children. The various methods of approach can also vary greatly depending on the subject of the event and the style of the people expected: artists, athletes, party animals, gamers, mums, geeks, farmers, etc.

Are you familiar with your event? Do you know your target audience? All you have to do is create your guest list using the customised CRM solution provided by Augure.

Create or import a contact list

The first stage of an event, when it comes to invitations, is to identify the people to be invited. Various options are available: you already have your own list of contacts, you purchase a list of contacts based on various criteria, you have identified the contacts but the names are not all in one place.

Our tool allows you to compile a guest list. You create the contacts you have identified by entering their contact details, and this will continuously update your contacts database as you do so.

If you already have a list of contacts (created in advance by you, or rented/purchased), it is simpler. Then all you have to do is import it into our software.

It is, of course, possible to combine different methods; for example, by importing an initial list and then adding new names over time.

Augure has taken the collaborative approach to organisation of an event into account, and incorporated it into the software at every stage, starting with the integration of contacts. One single event will often involve several people or departments (e.g. PR team, sales team, management team), or at the very least several sources of invitation. Augure can import several contact lists – the software will automatically deduplicate contacts – but it is always possible to see from which list the guests come.

Using this database, all you have to do is choose the guests who interest you for a specific event based on the criteria you determine yourself.
Depending on the target audience, you can, for example, choose as an indicator an age range, a profession, a geographical area, a family situation, etc.