Careful and expert situational analysis of the client’s real needs

Augure is acknowledged and appreciated for its professional expertise, ability to listen and adaptability. From the start of any collaboration, an Augure consultant will enter into detailed discussions with the client. Tailored solutions, developed for each individual client, are at the heart of Augure’s approach.

This phase of getting to know the client and understanding their specific requirements is vital to the creation of Augure’s solution. Augure consultants are genuine professional experts. Each client is assigned a dedicated consultant, who will quickly get to grips with their particular issues, challenges and expectations, and will be able to deal effectively with how they operate.

These discussions allow the client’s exact needs to be identified, as well as what they are hoping for (sometimes without much confidence, until Augure sets it up) and their usual way of working. This can range from the most general to the most specific, depending on the client, as some will require highly unconventional data and functionality. For these clients, Augure will always manage to find the right solution.

The consultant, in cooperation with Augure’s technical experts, can then design a tailored solution that meets the needs of each client to the letter.

: Create a customised configuration

The Augure teams combine business understanding with technological expertise, enabling them to devise finely crafted solutions adapted to each client.

This customisation is evident from the moment the information collected by contact is incorporated. In fact, even where the client uses a database supplier, Augure can go beyond the proposed segmentation. The Augure software offers the option to introduce an even more appropriate and relevant nomenclature for each client through management of tags and customised fields.

The software package is then available in a customised configuration, thanks to the incorporation of certain codes, domains and functionality, all ordered to suit the client.

In addition to this global configuration designed by the client, Augure can go even further by offering user customisation. Individuals working in the same client organisation and using our CRM can use it in different ways. The agility offered by Augure means the software can be shaped in the image of each user, thanks to a customised dashboard. This takes into account not just their working habits but also their priorities and most frequently performed tasks. This personal home page quickly becomes indispensable to the user and helps them to be more responsive.

By logging into their space, the user has access to their work environment. Here, they find their clients, key contacts and lists, most recent activities, to-do list, reminders, current tasks, etc.

Using a system of shortcuts, they can also quickly set up meetings, events, mailshots, etc.

Software developed on both a global and personal level

The software will continue to be developed beyond its initial set-up, taking on board the needs and requirements throughout the start of collaboration.

It is true to say that our CRM is not ‘fixed’ – it can be easily adapted to suit the situation and expectations. So it may be the case that a client’s internal organisation is led to […] In the same vein, the sphere of activity could change, requiring information on new elements or new action to be taken.
Augure always listens to its clients, in order that the software can be modified and tailored to client operations and requirements at any time.

In an effort to ensure continuous improvement, Augure’s software is also under constant development.
First, this can be as a result of technical upgrades. With in-house R&D, technological developments are key to the operation of Augure software. In addition, since its merger with Argus Data Insights, the technical skillsets gained from this merger could help in the development of new, innovative and interesting tools together.

Beyond the technical progress achieved, Augure never stops refining its software in an effort to constantly increase client satisfaction. This also includes joint discussion and valuable feedback, so that we can offer new features more generally or modify and improve existing features. This is why, in addition to its general client focus, Augure has set up a User Club dedicated to public affairs. The regular, honest discussions held within this club are excellent lessons for us as they prompt improvements, by bringing together people with experience in institutional relations (private enterprises, public bodies, various players in institutional relations, lobbying firms, etc.).