Complete tool for tracking media relations

Our software lets you track your interactions with every journalist continuously and comprehensively. It optimises operational tracking of media relations simply and effectively with features such as a follow-up module, media and journalist request tracking, interview and meeting summaries, etc.

With all this information optimised and in one place, you receive greater visibility of ongoing, pending and future actions.

So, for example, you can see at a glance whether a press request is still pending and reply to it quickly, or follow up with the person from whom you’re awaiting missing information. When a reply has been sent, you can easily record which documents/information were sent, along with the context, purpose and timeframe. This also makes it much easier to see whether there has been media coverage related to the request.
Equally, you can track each stage of the interaction, so you can follow up with the right contact at the right time.

Thanks to this comprehensive and always up-to-date CRM tool, relationships between press officers and journalists are better organised, simpler and more responsive. Press officers can save time and work more effectively with this tool that brings everything together in one place and is always available.

Know journalists better for more effective relationships

Interactions with journalists are fundamental to the job of a press officer. The quality of the information and communications received by journalists is of course important, but relationships and conversations are also essential and very often make the difference.
Quality media relations work not only involves sending information and straightforward follow-ups, it also requires a study of how media outlets are organised, how each journalist works, their favourite subjects, the type of content they prefer, and so on.
This is long-term work that should be regularly reviewed to ensure that you hit the target and are as effective as possible in persuading journalists to feature your client or company in their next article or report.

In our software, you can add all relevant information about interviews or meetings, including summaries, following these interactions. This means you can record the subjects discussed, questions asked, questions raised, agreement or disagreements on given subjects, the tone adopted by the journalist, future deadlines mentioned and so on, all of which are essential in maintaining a fruitful relationship with a journalist.
When you make calls, you will have all the information about your contact under your nose, so you can tailor what you say to what you know about them: remind them of previous conversations, accurately answer questions about the latest information sent/received, or emphasise the relevance of your offering to their favourite subjects.

Overall tracking of the relationship with each journalist also allows you to pick the best channel for reaching them (e.g. email, phone call, text message or social network), the right moment and whether a follow-up is worth pursuing.

The collaborative approach offered by the Augure solution allows you to share information gathered from journalists and media outlets with colleagues. This means that all members of the team can optimise their interactions too.
Sharing this information also simplifies the allocation of certain tasks among colleagues, such as follow-ups, without having to provide (verbally or in writing) information about each journalist.

The more the relationship is personalised, the more effective and credible you are, making it easier to convince journalists and eliminating pointless or poorly targeted actions.