Design attractive and eye-catching invitations

The quality and aesthetic appeal of an invitation will generally be a major contributor to the success of an event. For an event to be attractive, it must, obviously, be interesting in itself – in terms of its subject, venue, date, programme, etc. – but the invitation should draw sufficient attention to it in order to attract the target audience.

This is why Augure allows users to create top-quality invitations directly within the software. Although the invitation message and the information within it are of course crucial, Augure can help enormously in ensuring optimal readability and aesthetic appeal.

Our invitation design tool is simple, effective and intuitive. Use it to create neat and consistent layouts that look professional, without the need for a graphic designer.
The layout can be easily adapted to suit the document type (invitations with images or purely charts and graphs) and ensure good readability.

With our tool, you can also customise the invitation by adding a more personal touch for distribution; e.g. the recipient’s first name.

For recurring events, a ready-made template can be created using a specially saved graphic code. Using the templates generated in Augure, subsequent invitations can be produced extremely quickly, with only the information that has changed – e.g. date, programme, venue, etc. – needing to be updated.

What’s more, if you have an existing visual design created by a graphic designer and/or using different software, the invitation can be incorporated directly into Augure for distribution.

In the invitation itself, various options and details can be included; for example, you can indicate the procedure to be followed to register.
Another helpful and frequently used option is to attach an RSVP form to the invitation, incorporating additional questions specific to your event, such as: Which roundtable do you plan to attend? Will you require a parking space? Will you stay for the cocktail reception? …

Guaranteed, risk-free invitation dispatch

When you have compiled the list of invitees and created your invitation, all that’s left to do is send it out!

Augure can take care of this for you, too, making sure the invitations are received, comply with legal obligations and are readable on all devices.

Given the variety of screens on which a message may be read these days (phones, tablets, computers, etc.), ensuring optimal readability is crucial. In fact, it is highly detrimental to have to zoom in or out, or scroll from side to side in order to be able to read the whole invitation.
To avoid damaging the image of the event in this way, Augure uses automatic formatting and responsive design. This system, which is built into our solution, ensures that the display adapts automatically to the size and resolution of the screen on which the message is read. Blocks of content (text or visuals) are scaled automatically and, if necessary, rearranged in terms of their layout.

In addition, Augure follows a set of procedures to achieve a good deliverability rate for your invitations. Apart from ensuring the accuracy of the email address, to avoid bounce back, it is essential that messages are not ‘filtered’. A range of criteria in recipients’ messaging systems and/or computer services may block reception of the email, such as the weight of the message, IP address of the sender, certain visual elements, spam words, issues with HTML coding, electronic authentication systems, etc.

Consequently, Augure ensures compliance with these rejection criteria so that your message is not filtered out and reaches the intended recipients without issue.

To check that each invitation has been successfully sent, Augure allows you to track email opening rates and monitor responses and actions effectively and in real time.
For each mailing, the tool provides accurate statistics on open-rate tracking, bounce rates, clicks, downloads, responses, etc.
In particular, this allows you to send a reminder to those who have not yet seen their invitation or who did not complete the registration process.

Finally, compulsory legal information, such as GDPR statements, can also be incorporated automatically by our software. This practical feature is reassuring for the sender, as it means they do not have to remember to include this information manually in each communication.