Easy incorporation of data

Whether for management of relationships with various contacts (journalists, institutions, etc.), sending out invitations or monitoring loans, data is at the heart of the system. And Augure’s software makes integration and development of your data easy.

In terms of incorporating content, Augure features a unique application that allows data from different sources to be synchronised.

To start with, these can include personal files, containing a set of contacts and details built up within the business, based on information gathered over time. Augure will incorporate these into the software to provide better visibility and optimisation of the data.

This can also be done using databases from other providers, of which there are several, each generally specialising in a particular sector. For example, Cision’s press databases comprise mainly media contacts, while Les Editions du Pouvoir, Hors Antenne Institutionnel and Matoya contain institutional data.

These different types of data sources are by no means the only ones that can be incorporated into the Augure CRM. It is perfectly possible to combine information from various sources in order to have all the data to which you have access – whatever its origin – together.

Then, each file incorporated will be updated with information from the databases of other providers, if you use them, as they are updated, together with your own information that you collect regularly. This ensures your information is not only kept up to date, but that it also incorporates monitoring of relations with each contact.

All-in-one CRM solution to make life easier

The great advantage of our solution is that everything is coordinated in a single piece of software, which simplifies daily tasks considerably. No more Excel tables, categorisation of emails or use of special software to consolidate various tasks – our CRM does it all in one. What’s more, our solution allows you to organise your data and contacts according to your own logic, segmentation and qualification criteria.
Augure provides a global overview and links from one action to another. Naturally, our CRM links information distributions (media campaign, information, invitations, etc.), the contacts targeted, their responses, etc.

It’s easy to access, in real time, all the information about a particular contact and any interaction with them. For example, you can retrieve all the information they have received, their responses (or lack thereof), meetings held with them (including subject, tone, facilitator, assessment, etc.), action to be taken (prompt if lack of response, schedule a reminder to be sent later, raise a delicate matter, etc.), articles they have published and so on.

This improves efficiency in terms of not just the actions to be taken but also their follow-up and analysis.
Augure consolidates all the information in one piece of software, making it easy to cross-reference and analyse data, based on selected indicators.

Safeguard computer data

Augure attaches a great deal of importance to data security. Consequently, we are extremely careful of the security of our data hosting system.

Our client data is stored in the Vélizy data centre (in the French department of Yvelines) of our web host, which was carefully selected by us. Our web host is compliant with the following standards: ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. We outsource archived databases and application files to our Amazon S3 bucket, located in the Paris region.

A data security audit is conducted at least once a year, prompted by a specific request on behalf of a client or at our own initiative.

SaaS, SSO… harmonise your IT habits

We wanted to be able to offer a solution that would fit easily into your IT environment, without new programmes or configurations, or radically change your usual habits.

That’s why ours is an SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, thus offering the advantage of no installation. Augure is hosted and operated outside your IT system – all you need to access it is an internet connection.

Users access their own space simply by logging into their user account.

So that you can easily interface with other IT tools and access your user account quickly, our software can interface with your internal system via SSO (Single Sign-On).

Our R&D team worked on a smart SSO solution suitable to meet the needs of our clients in order to simplify daily IT operations. The aim is to simplify administration for users and make it easier to access the application.

Each user accesses Augure via a single authentication factor that they already use for other applications or websites, meaning our solution is assimilated into the existing workspace.

Moreover, our solution can interconnect with various external applications and open APIs (application programming interfaces) in order to coordinate and retrieve other data.

For example, Augure can connect directly to the ticketing system used for a particular event. This makes data coordination much easier and improves efficiency. It is extremely useful, indeed highly practical, to avoid an increase in the number of tools that must interface with one another.