An easy and effective way to create and send emails

As well as meeting in person, it is essential to be able to send information effectively to your institutional contacts.
Whether it’s an individual email or a mailshot, delivering a high quality message in form and content enhances the reputation of the sender. Unfortunately, this task may often prove to be complex and time-consuming.

That’s why Augure has built an ultra-simple and effective email editor into the tool, making it easy to create and send content without worrying about the layout. This allows the user to focus fully on the content of their message.

Augure can help you send messages perfectly designed to suit each individual and their role. The software manages all forms of address in line with protocol, using direct mail services designed for institutional relations.
This specific feature of the Augure software saves you time in researching protocol for each contact. It also gives you peace of mind and prevents critical errors in relations with public figures.

When sent by email, the quality of the message is crucial, as every contact has a full inbox. To ensure it’s read and received properly, you should send a message that’s high quality in form and content.
Of course, any contact is sure to find an attractive layout more appealing – particularly one that rapidly and effectively conveys the intended message.

Our layout tool is simple, effective and intuitive. It’s easy to use thanks to a drag & drop system, simple Word copy-paste functions for text, easy image insertion and file attachment options.
The Augure tool uses a template system to repeat a recurring page layout. The page layout is thus created rapidly using graphic and textual elements from different communications. When different people are responsible for page layout, this approach also allows visual consistency.

Our software also enables obligatory information, such as GDPR messages, to be included automatically. This automatic insertion feature is handy and gives the user peace of mind, as they no longer have to add them manually each time.

To make emails easy to read on all kinds of devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones), Augure usually uses responsive design formatting to produce a display that’s easy on the eye on any end device.

Augure also prioritises deliverability; i.e. an email’s ability to reach the target contact’s inbox. Accuracy of email addresses aside, criteria within the recipient’s messaging/IT system can prevent your email from successful delivery. The email you send runs a real risk of ending up in your recipient’s spam folder, or worse – deemed ‘harmful’ and/or deleted.
With BOUNCE DKIM DMARC policy procedures and its online content system, Augure ensures compliance with all bounce-back criteria, enabling your email to pass through the filters and reach recipients without a hitch.

Finally, Augure’s tool supplies specific statistics on each delivery, such as tracking of message opening, bounces, clicks, downloads and more. This built-in, real-time tracking tool is particularly useful for adapting reminders and follow-ups over time.

Event management – personalised invitations/forms

Augure enables you to organise and manage any event from start to finish: an evening reception, an opening, an official visit, etc.
This tool combines functions such as management of guest lists, processing of responses, creation of accreditations, monitoring of budgets, real-time check-in by visitors and analysis of visitors.

With a mailing list based on a database of contacts, Augure helps users to generate effective invitations, designing them directly from a program or integrating a visual design produced by a graphic designer.
In the case of a recurring event, a template can be created by importing a graphic code created by arrangement. Thanks to the templates generated in Augure, subsequent invitations can be created quickly by simply adjusting the information that has changed (date, programme, location). Our tool also allows users to adapt invitations for a more personal touch (e.g. integration of the person’s first name).
Various options and additions, such as an RSVP form, can be included with the invitation, making it much easier to manage responses and gather necessary details, such as: do you need a parking space? Would you like to stay for the drinks reception? Should we arrange a transfer? Do you have any accommodation preferences? Do you have any food allergies or intolerances? How many people will be accompanying you? …

Augure allows tracking of the successful dispatch of each invitation and the reactions of guests, and then organisation of responses with real-time tracking. This continuous visibility makes it possible to chase up participants who have not yet responded, if necessary.
Augure also issues badges and accreditations based on the information received in the responses. The integration of a QR code not only enables users to organise the way in which guests will be received on the day of the event, but also provides an effective way to maintain relationships by sending thank-you mails, photos, etc. to those who attend.

Augure also allows collaborative organisation of an event and budget management. The software solution enables everyone involved in the organisational process to update and visualise the progress made at the various stages by both tracking their own tasks and maintaining an overview of the event as a whole.

Thus, Augure offers a more fluid and reassuring approach to preparation and tracking, stage by stage, by means of simple and efficient collaborative tools. Augure facilitates improved coordination of internal parties and the service providers involved, which can be numerous depending on the event: location, caterer, entertainment, music, hosts, lighting, decoration, transport, audiovisual production, travel company, accommodation, design, security, furnishings, technical equipment, etc.

The budget is another complex but essential aspect of every event, and Augure enables monitoring of budgets in real time in terms of the limits defined, thus avoiding unexpected expenditure, and the payment terms.
The software enables efficient organisation of expenditure and in particular avoids any nasty financial surprises that may be detrimental to the event and its organiser.

Finally, Augure also incorporates an efficient reporting solution for analysis of the event, its ROI and any potential for improvement. This report is generated on the basis of specific indicators determined according to the objectives and focal points of each client.

Expertise in IT, security and GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affects every company working on a daily basis with hundreds or even thousands of contacts, and the data involved.
It is often difficult for a company to know whether it is complying appropriately with GDPR requirements and, if not, how to improve the situation. This can be a real source of concern, but Augure’s dedicated GDPR module makes it much easier for clients to ensure that they comply with the regulation. The right to withdraw consent, rectify and access data, provision of advance information or a request for explicit consent – everything has been done to make the process run as smoothly as possible for users.

In addition, Augure pays particular attention to security in general, with close attention to stored data.
With Augure, the exchange of sensitive information, always an element of public affairs, is protected against IT risk.