Augure offers a wide range of functions in its software to enable you to manage loans. Our aim is to enable you to carry out this work in an optimised manner, eliminating any doubts as to the availability and location of a product, and more generally avoiding the need for time-consuming and static Excel tables.

Improved visibility of the availability of the products in your press fleet will facilitate a better rotation rate and improve your media coverage.

Main functions available in our software

Thanks to a range of suitable functions and adapted ergonomics, the Augure software solution enables you to save time and improve efficiency in the management of your vehicle fleet and/or press fleet (vehicles or other products) via a highly operational approach to the task.

This is enabled by automation of the loan process, involving in particular the management of inventories, reservations and requests from journalists/influencers, planning, product returns, maintenance, etc.

Depending on the heading chosen, it is thus possible to create and/or search by product/vehicle module, product/vehicle or loan. This ‘Loan’ section comprises generally the creation of a loan, registration of a request, search for a specific loan, export of a file, planning and analysis, and any late returns. Direct access to maintenance is also possible (search, planning, etc.).

In order to move easily from one area to another, the user will find various links to other elements for additional information on different subjects. By accessing a detailed file on a journalist or media outlet with a loan by means of a single click, users can visualise the history of the journalist/outlet’s previous loans and the resulting press coverage.

Augure thus enables management of all contacts involved with this type of loan: journalists, influencers, staff, VIPs, etc. All the user has to do is import the details of their contact and then simply enter the actions carried out with each. In addition, the dedicated integrated module also enables compliance with GDPR requirements.

Our software offers efficient and cross-functional tracking of the user’s product fleet as a whole. With easy integration of the fleet vehicles or other products available for loan, users are able to track loans in real time and manage the flow of vehicles/products. Via various search criteria, Augure allows the number of vehicles/products in each category (status, available or unavailable) to be seen at a glance.
Augure enables users to achieve significant time savings – without this dedicated software, this can be extremely time-consuming work, with products rarely easy to access and sources often divided between various tables and/or documents. The time required for reaction and verification, particularly in the case of a loan request, can be relatively long as it is necessary to verify whether the product is available (items, options, etc.), check its status and then, depending on its availability, enter all information in order to carry out this new loan, or alternatively determine if another option is possible. Here, the user just needs to update consistently to have all the information in detail and in real time.

In addition, Augure enables significant limitation of the risk of errors. In the case of a tool that is not shared or which does not synchronise all data, it is unfortunately possible to reserve the same product twice, forget to carry out maintenance, lose track of an unreturned product, etc. This can be highly frustrating for the requester involved, but also for the brand, which may suffer as a result of such errors.
The automation offered by Augure is reassuring for users and enables them to work more efficiently.

In the case of repeated loans, good planning is essential and Augure allows visualisation of the availability of each product and upcoming loans in real time. It can be used to program an activity on the correct date with a single click (new loan, maintenance).

When a loan has been set up, various pieces of useful information can be entered that will optimise the tracking process in particular and your work in general. First, it is essential to create a registration reference/number for each loan so that it can be clearly identified. This registration reference can then be used to manage delivery notes, insurance obligations, etc.
It will include, for example: dates (request/start/estimated end), requesting company (business/media outlet) and name of the requester (journalist, influencer), the person tracking the dossier, the model/range involved (with options and references to be provided with more or less detail depending on product), etc.
Certain characteristic information for the type of product must also be provided, such as for car loans: fuel gauge, conditions of use, state of vehicle, name of driver. Sensitive data such as driving licences can also be encrypted if necessary.
Finally, comments and clarifications can of course be added at any time, which is particularly helpful when it comes to ensuring effective collaborative management.

Delivery information is also very important. For each loan file created, various levels of detail relating to delivery are possible – the name and address of course, but also the time of delivery, means of transport and costs.
If the borrower comes directly to choose and collect the product (at a car dealership, for example), it will be vital to record separately where the product is collected and returned – these may be two different locations.

In order to facilitate subsequent analysis, it is also possible to indicate a link between a loan and a particular campaign, or a specific operation that also involves other measures. This fits in naturally with the Augure approach, which, true to its DNA, enables its users to take a global approach to all PR and communication measures by consolidating them in a single tool.

The status of the loan is updated automatically in real time, in order to ensure that the information is up to date: closed, ongoing, late, planned.
Similarly, the status of each product identified will also always be up to date: available, unavailable, on loan, withdrawn from the fleet, returned.

Late returns will also be specifically highlighted. Our software solution provides you with a clear and practical picture of loans that require particular tracking. You will be able to spot all late loans at a glance, with rapid access to the requester’s file in order to decide on the appropriate action: chase up, recover product, arrange extension (if possible).
This will make a significant contribution to optimisation of the ROI of a press fleet via improved turnover of products and by minimising the risk of the loss of products.

Finally, in an approach that helps to ensure more efficient collaboration, information is updated in real time within your team or company. This ensures that errors such as duplicate reservations of the same vehicle or overlapping lending dates for a product are avoided. Everyone has the same level of information and visibility in terms of the press fleet.

Personalise the software and its criteria based on your products and habits

Augure offers a wide range of functions aimed at simplifying the organisation of your loans, with the creation of a customised platform. In addition, with its client support and its servers based in France, Augure provides you with support throughout your use of the software.

This is list is not exhaustive, however, as Augure will happily create any specific criteria you may need.

The layout of functions will also vary from one account to another, as Augure creates a platform that suits you, with indicators adapted for you –
as always with Augure, the support you receive is adjusted to meet your needs. From the beginning, we configure access to the software according to the specifics of the products loaned and your needs and practices, so that you enjoy an optimised user experience.

Starting from the welcome page, the key actions you use most frequently will be accessible directly from your dashboard.

There are essentially three main, but relatively different entry approaches according to which it is possible to prioritise access by product or loan, or to choose a global, dated overview of all loans.

The last possibility, namely direct access by planning, is generally preferred by the majority of our users.
It offers a global, real-time visualisation of all loans with the status of each product over the course of time, in a calendar format; e.g. the period for which a product has already been loaned, when a new loan is planned, whether maintenance has been scheduled, and the loan periods still available.

Track the performance/ROI of loans

The ability to analyse and measure the performance of loans is vital when it comes to providing an account of the value of this action to the hierarchy or the client, while also optimising the product selection.

Augure provides a series of measurable indicators for management of an optimal analysis.

Thanks to the high visibility of loans in the overall picture, the Augure solution makes them much easier to analyse, and thus easier to estimate and optimise the rotation rate. This will generally involve the arrangement of product adjustments aimed at maximising the product range based on the demands and developments of loans. By identifying the products most in demand, for example, you will be able to improve your forecasts. Conversely, if certain references generally remain unused, it may be advisable to reduce their number in order to economise and ensure greater clarity.

Augure also offers the possibility to link a media publication to a specific loan (as is also possible to link a publication to a campaign, a communiqué, a mailing, an event, a meeting, etc.). A relatively accurate measurement of the ROI is therefore provided, using press coverage associated with your loans as an indicator. Other data can be chosen to measure impact, based on your KPIs. These accurate analyses also enable the team in charge of the press fleet to manage and defend its budget from one year to the next, thanks to the ROI indicators.

Augure can generate customised reports based on a selection of criteria determined via analysis of results, such as a summary of activities.
This tool generates a report according to needs and expectations, automatically and rapidly, thus bringing significant time savings to users, who may spend several hours on such tasks with various tools.

These qualitative reports are adapted to each user according to the analysis requirements, are easy to understand and attractively produced. In addition, in order to facilitate distribution of the information they highlight, they are easy to share.

The Augure solution thus optimises the daily work of those involved in the lending process by simplifying and automating it, but also by underlining the value through a detailed and constructive analysis.