Our history: an established brand that opened a new chapter in 2020

Founded in 2002, Augure is long-established provider of software for management of public and institutional relations.

In 2015, Augure and Fashion GPS merged to form the Launchmetrics Group.

In July 2020, with more than 500 clients, a new chapter opened in Augure’s story with its acquisition by Swiss company Nomor Riedless Beteiligungen AG, thus bringing together Augure and Argus Data Insights, the leader in media monitoring solutions in the DACH region (Germany-Austria-Switzerland).

The acquisition means that although it remains faithful to its DNA of expertise and client satisfaction, Augure is able to strengthen its position in France and Spain, accelerate the development and marketing of its software solutions, and expand in the European market.

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Our team: experts who listen to clients

With its integrated development team, Augure is a collection of experts driven by a genuine desire to satisfy every client requirement through provision of a customised technological solution.

Numbering some 30 people, Augure combines technical and industry expertise, including R&D specialists, support teams and consultants with relevant industry experience (public affairs, PR and more). Augure also works closely with experts from Argus Data Insights (based in Switzerland and Germany).

From understanding a client’s needs to translating them into a tangible technical solution to following up their requests, we respond to our clients with all the professionalism, responsiveness and flexibility for which we are known.

We work closely with clients to support them from start to finish and at any time (even weekend and evening on-call support for emergencies).

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An effective CRM tool tailored to your needs and practices

We provide effective, custom and scalable technological solutions for management of PR, public affairs, equipment loans, events and more.

Thanks to our agile, client-centric approach, we give all clients a tailored CRM solution that facilitates and optimises their work. For easy integration with your IT practices, our R&D team has developed a single SaaS and SSO solution.

Augure takes the security of your data extremely seriously and has adopted a comprehensive series of measures (security audits, a carefully selected data centre and a specific solution for outsourcing document storage).

Thanks to our flexible approach, our CRM tool allows us to work with every type of organisation. However, the majority of our clients are PR agencies, public sector bodies (ministries, local authorities) and large companies in sectors such as automotive, lifestyle, media, industry and culture.

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